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Dennis Green - The Green Brain Marketing

Welcome to the World of The Green Brain!

Hello. I am Dennis R. Green, a.k.a. The Green Brain.

Let’s get something straight right off the bat: Those folks in the photo above are professional models. They don’t work here – I don’t even know them – but they sure look nice! I had them placed there in order to set the mood for this website – creative, funny, a bit irreverent – and honest!

For over forty years, I have been in the Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations business. Yes, forty. For nearly 30 of those years, I owned Dennis Green Advertising, a small, successful advertising agency here in the Detroit, Michigan area. At other times, I worked for various publishers, agencies, direct marketing firms and others. I wouldn’t say that I know everything there is to know about marketing – but pretty darn close!

During those forty years, I have worked for clients in virtually every business category, including:

Today, I am at a point in my career where I would like to handle a small, select number of clients who are seeking and appreciate outstanding creativity, the highest level of speed and service – and modest pricing. Does that sound like you?

Please take a tour of this website. It’s fast, uncomplicated and effective. Much like the work we do. I have a cadre of trusted artists, photographers, printers, production studios and other vendors with whom I have had relationships for many if not all of those forty years. They are not just suppliers – they are friends. I trust them to meet deadlines, deliver top quality and charge reasonable prices. BTW – none of them are pictured on this page. Just me. I’m the writer and concept guy. I think this stuff up, then I let them turn it into pretty things people like to look at – and make purchase decisions because of.

Meanwhile, we are all waiting to help grow your business, whether your firm is new and needs total corporate identity and materials, or it’s established, but looking for a new twist that will give it the proverbial “shot in the arm” and further separate it from the competition. One-time brochure or ad; full service, multi-media marketing plan and creative; anywhere in between — The Green Brain is ready, willing and able to serve.

I promise you this: I will deliver fresh, unique and attention-getting advertising, public relations and marketing that will be highly creative, totally sales-oriented and definitely measurable.

The Green Brain wants to be thinking about your business and success real soon! You can skip to the Contact page anytime you wish!


Don’t need my services yourself, but know someone who might? Send me a referral, and, if that company does business with The Green Brain Marketing, I will send you a gift card for dinner for two at a fine restaurant near you!